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Description: 1 in x 0.06 (1.5 mm) x 8 ft (2.44 m) roll high temp for environments below 260 C° (500 F°)

Fuseall™ General Purpose wraps provide excellent thermal properties, vibration isolation, electrical insulation, and a soft, tactile response perfect for nearly any situation. 

Fuseall is a Low-Density Self-Fusing Sponge Silicone Wrap that bonds only to itself and not the substrate for which it is applied. Wind the wrap onto itself to create a tight, secure fit without any sticky residue.

MADE IN THE USA • New Philadelphia, OH

Application:  (Click here for detailed application instructions)

FUSEALL ™ General Purpose Wraps are self-fusing, or self-amalgamating, sponge-like silicone wrap that will bond to itself without the need of secondary adhesives. It will not directly bond to a substrate without winding the wrap onto itself. Remove liner as you wrap; maintain a constant stretch of no more than 200% and no less than 50% of the original unstretched wrap length. As you continue to wrap, ensure each new layer covers a minimum of 25% of the previous layer for optimum fusion. Once wrapped it will immediately begin to fuse--full fusion achieved within 24 hours. For removal, simply cut Fuseall off the wrapped substrate and reapply a new layer. No need to clean the substrate before applying, simply remove excess debris and moisture.

Fuseall can be implemented practically everywhere that requires a fast, simple but effective tape or wrap to protect, insulate, isolate, or provide grip in a wide range of environments. 

It can be used in place of conventional dense self-fusing silicone tape or wraps, wire and cable tapes, thermal / IR shielding, noise dampening material, grips, and handles. 

General Purpose Wrap Colors: 

Yellow, White, and Black 

Fuseall Wraps Features:

Non-Adhesive System, Low Thermal Conductivity, Lightweight and Buoyant, Water Resistant, Vibration Isolation, Low Emissivity, Made in the USA

Fuseall Wraps Benefits:

Highly Insulating, Soft Tactile Response, Prevents Thermal Extremes

Technical Specs: (Specific to Fuseall General Purpose Wraps)

Property Test Method Typical Value
Color Any



 0.06 in

1.5 mm

Standard Width,   

 1 in

25 mm

Duro Hardness, Shore O D-2240 40


 0.55 - 1.00 ,g/cc

500 - 1000 ,kg/m3

Tensile Strength,



 250 ,psi

1.72 ,N/mm2

Elongation, % D-412 500

Compression Set

22 hrs. @ 100 C° (212F°)

D-395 9%

Rebound Resilience

Pendulum (J*m-3)

ASTM D7121 32.6

Thermal Conductivity.

25 C° ( 77 F°) , W/m Deg LK

ASTM E1530

Water Absorption
46 H20 @21 C° (69.8 F°)



Dielectric Strength volts/mi


Bond Strength,

2.94 , Lbf-in

332 ,N-mm

Low Temp Brittleness

3 min at -65 C° (-149 F°)

ASTM D2137


A-A-59588 Cl 2A


 Air Aging Properties - From Wrap not ASTM slabs

70 hrs. @ 225 C° (437 F°) ASTM D573

Duro Hardness, Shore O D-2240 47 (+7)
Tensile Strength D-412 1.55 N/mm2 | 225 psi
Elongation D-412 170
Bend (Flat) No Cracks No Cracks
 24 hrs. @ 260 C ° (500 F °) ASTM D573
Duro Hardness, Shore O D-2240 45 (+4)
Tensile Strength D-412 1.53 N/mm2 | 222 psi
Elongation D-412 180
Bend (Flat) No Cracks   No Cracks


The information contained in this product description or any data sheet is intended to assist you in designing with FUSEALL® wrap. It is not intended to and does not create any warranties, express or implied, including any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose or that the results shown on the Data Sheet will be achieved by a user for a particular purpose. The user should determine the suitability of FUSEALL®. 102720/RevE.