Safety Glow in the Dark, Fuseall Wrap

self-fusing, low-density, silicone sponge wraps for almost any situation.


Excellent Thermal Properties Up to 500 F° and 600 F°

Endless Possibilities for General purpose and extreme conditions

Safety Glow in the Dark, Fuseall Wraps for almost any situation.

Versatility Meets Durability:

Wraps For Any Situation

Fuseall can be used on nearly any surface to protect, insulate, isolate or improve grip in a wide range of environmental conditions, all without adhesives.

Fuseall is a low-density, self-fusing, sponge silicone wrap that bonds only to itself and not the substrate for which it is applied. Wind the wrap onto itself to create a tight, secure fit without any sticky residue.

Need insulation for exposed electrical wires? Fuseall has you covered.

Steam lines too hot to handle? Wrap them in Fuseall and you can work on them barehanded.

Is that bare-metal handle giving you blisters? Wrap it in Fuseall for some extra padding and grip.


How Fuseall Works

No Other Wrap On The Market Like It!

Fuseall is constructed of a low-density, self-fusing, sponge silicone that bonds to itself without the need of additional adhesives, chemicals or heat to activate the bond. The wrap is unaffected by extreme temperature, pressure, voltage, or moisture and will not lose its performance abilities with flexing or exposure to the natural elements.

Fuseall will retain compression and is ideal for quick wrap applications for a variety of regular and irregular shapes. The material is impervious to corrosion and contaminants and is an ideal replacement for traditional tapes and standard silicone tapes where enhanced performance is required. Additionally, once Fuseall is removed, no residual adhesives are left behind.


Fuseall™ Wraps Features and Benefits:

Fuseall™ Wraps Features:

- Non-Adhesive System

- Low Thermal Conductivity

- Lightweight and Buoyant

- Water Resistant

- Vibration Isolation

- Low Emissivity

- Multi-Layering and Self Repair

Fuseall™ Wraps Benefits:

- Highly Insulating

- Soft Tactical Response

- Prevents Thermal Extremes

- Proudly Made in the USA

- Emergency Repair for Unscheduled Downtime (Reduced Downtime)

Fuseall Uses and Applications

Fuseall is used in a wide variety of applications in the industrial, military / firearms and safety.

It can be used in place of conventional dense self-fusing silicone tape or wraps, wire and cable tapes, thermal / IR shielding, noise dampening material, grips, and handles. 


Insolation and Insulation for:

Wiring Harness and Connections HVAC Systems, Power Generation Systems, Plumbing Applications, Industrial Painting Masking, Hand and Power tool Grips and Fatigue Isolation.

Military / Aerospace

Thermal Insulation and Isolation for:

Aircraft, Vehicle, Naval and Weapon Systems, Firearms Grips and Infrared Masking.

General Use

Hand Grips for Firearms, Bows, Fishing Poles and Nets, Scope, Wraps, Rescue Equipment and Fire Fighting, Bicycle Grips, Golf Clubs, Racquets, Ski Poles and Cooking Utensils.